ID: 906007
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Kalaja

Previous quest in the chain:
- Farther Than Death
Prerequisite for quests:
- In Search of the Gate of Paradise
- [Guide] Guides: Punika
- Destiny's Whisper
- The Quest for Kadan
- The South Sea Island
- False Charge and Calling
- Follow the Shadow
- Catch That Person
- One Shot, Two Shots
- As you Follow the Tracks
- How to Remember a Hero
- Black Eye of Fate
- Ashen Fate
- Letters in the Jar
- Those Buried in the Dark Ground
- Den of Buried Sins
- Talk to Kaldor
- Talk to NPC Kaldor
- Read Zaika's will
- Talk to Kaldor
- Talk to NPC Kaldor
- Go to the Swamp of Despair
- Report to Kaldor
- Talk to NPC Kaldor
Play the Song of Trixion
- Entrust Beatrice with the Ark
- Return to Kalaja
- Say goodbye to Kaldor
- Talk to NPC Kaldor
Zaika's will was a guide to the people of Feiton, and a left behind a clue about the Ark.
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