ID: 7014001
Untie the anchoring rope
icon Quest
Level: 1
Roster Quest
Zone: Wavestrand Port

Required quests:
- Streams to the Sea
- There and Back Again
- Fighting for Meat
Prerequisite for quests:
- Toward the Crest
Story Progress:
- Streams to the Sea
- Untie the anchoring rope
- Toward the Crest
- Swayed by the Swell
- Like Waves Against the Shore
Party with Eshu
- Head to Neria's Tavern at Wavestrand Port
- Interact with object OBJECT #650819
- Talk to Podin
- Talk to NPC Podin
- Give a simple toast
- Interact with object OBJECT #650800
[Normal Chat]
- Shout "Cheers!"
- Talk to Eshu
- Talk to NPC Eshu
- Tell the panting man to catch his breath
- Talk to the panting man
- Talk to NPC Panting Man
- Read Hobbes's crew application
- Take a look at Hobbes's chart
- Ask Hobbes some questions
- Talk to NPC Hobbes
- Examine Hobbes's bag
- Interact with object OBJECT #650802
- Tell Hobbes to wait
- Talk it over with Eshu
- Talk to NPC Eshu
- Return to Hobbes
- Interact with object OBJECT #650823
- Give Hobbes's crew application back to him
- Talk to Hobbes
- Talk to NPC Hobbes
- Talk to Wilhelm
- Talk to NPC Wilhelm
- Tell Wilhelm what you think
- Bring Hobbes
- Talk to NPC Hobbes
- Head inside the tavern
- Interact with object OBJECT #650822
- Introduce Hobbes to Wilhelm
- Talk to Wilhelm
- Talk to NPC Wilhelm
Gain the attention of the crew
- [Option] Gain attention with
- [Option] Silence the crew with
- [Option] Draw attention to yourself with
- Tell the crew about the next journey
- Interact with object OBJECT #650805
- Talk to Hobbes
- Talk to NPC Hobbes
- Head to the Wavestrand Port docks
- Interact with object OBJECT #650826
- Watch Hobbes and Wilhelm
- Interact with object OBJECT #650827
Start NPC:
My crew and I finally made port. Eshu asked me to attend a party that they're throwing for the crew. I should spend some time with everyone and express my gratitude.
NOTE: While this quest in ongoing, certain NPCs inside Neria's Tavern in Wavestrand Port will not be available.
NOTE: This quest is not compatible with certain quests, including the Neria Rapport quests.
- XP
- Roster XP
- Melody of Memories
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Yooshy 2-07-2024 02:59
To all my french friends, there is a bug where the translation is not working,
So when it want you to say "Hourra !" in the chat it will not work.
I didnt find the key to spell, so my solution for now is to quit the game and change the language of the game in the steam parameters to english and log back in and say "Cheers!"
People do say "Santé !" but it doesnt work.

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