ID: 4501204
[Awakening] Combining magic
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Raia Terrace

- Fearless heart
- Keeper of wisdom
- Not knowing the slip
- Elementalist
- Between temperance and chaos
Required quests:
- [Awakening] Where the soul lives
Story progress:
- [Awakening] Looking for new strength
- [Awakening] Unexpected connections
- [Awakening] Where the soul lives
- [Awakening] Combining magic
- [Awakening] Troublemaker
Located on East Luteran, the beach is a little off the beaten track. Somewhere in here, the black teeth, which are notorious pirates, are hidden.
- Read Commemoration of the magician
- Head to Wisdom Island
Rune Liar
- Talk to librarian Pudor
Wisdom Island
- Find Envisca's tracks
Maintenance of nerviska
- Pray ( /prayer )
- Use emotion: - Pray
- Awaken Envisca's strength
Return to Lutheran
- Head to Mane Wave Harbor
Start NPC:
Wizard Real
One of the pilgrims of Bern said that somewhere on the coast of Kroknis there is an ancient book of magicians. Perhaps she can find a way to combine spirits with Roendel's mana..
- Legacy Points
- Silver
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