ID: 1301302
New King Mode
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Isendelf

Required quests:
- Three Umaric wonders
- Talk to Guard Chief Qatar
Find the source of the rumors
- Ask the regular “Dancing Boar”
- Ask another regular
Find the source of the rumors
- Ask a carefully listening Umar
Find the Umar who served in the royal halls
- To ask booze nilma
- To ask Steel Brunheld
- To ask Tour of Einar
- To ask poor little Ilse
Find the Umar who served in the royal halls
- Come back to Steel Brunheld
Golden Pint Tavern
- Track down Ponder and ask about the rumors
Marble Bridge
- Come back to Guard Chief Qatar
Helm harbor
- Seek medicine for Jambell
- Find in drawers medicine bottle
- Talk to Jambel
Start NPC:
King Quaysar
King Quaysar is completely defeated, because he is overcome by insomnia that day. Is there a remedy in Yona that can help him?
If you cannot find one of the characters, complete the other quests from your journal. Maybe the one you need is now in a different place.
If the desired character is missing, check the status of his task.

- Legacy Points
- Reputation Points
- Silver
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