ID: 1104105
Sigmund's Bloody Ring
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Pesnar Plateau

Required quests:
- Fighting resumes
Story progress:
- Pesnar Plateau Board
- The top of the sky mist raided
- Echo of the Specter
- Fighting resumes
- Sigmund's Bloody Ring
- The rest of the fallen Knights Templar
- Climb on cliff
Ji-Sung Sul
- Seal necromancers, dead knights and archers (0/10)
Ji-Sung Sul
- Seal arch necromancer
- To destroy resurrection stones (0/2)
Start NPC:
Magister Hocantula
The mage Derlin participated in the battle against Morgred along with Lancel and Bediner. And now this grumpy old man is trying to understand what kind of power brings the dead back to the world of the living. And the main thing is how this can be put to an end. Derlin believes that dark magic is strongest in the northern part of the Sleeping Plateau..
- Legacy Points
- Superior Recovery Potion (Bound)
- Silver
- Emerald Shard
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