ID: 106010
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Rothun

Previous quest in the chain:
- Dream-Stricken Elzowin
Prerequisite for quests:
- Repairing the Seal Site
- Flowers Bloom Once More
- Tower of Thanks
- Bleak Night Fog
- She Drifts, Sea Gifts
- [Journey] Strange Mail
- Shiverwave's Trade Market
- Divine Tree Wisdom
- Sidereal: Galatur's Will
- [Guide] What is a Skill Tree Transfer?
- [Guide] Guides: Yorn
- Butterfly's Regards
- Anxious Feelings
- Fading Expectation
- Swimming the Sea of Dreams
- Where the tip of the holding hand faces
- Grasping a Little Hope
- Lotus Flower where Butterflies Rest
- That Child
- Rainbow Memories
- Beyond the Curtain of Water
- Into a Distant Dream
- The Future We Drew Together
- Our Happy Ending
- Lullaby for You
- One You Can't Let Go, Unspoken Feelings
- Talk to Inanna in Sunkeep
- Talk to NPC Inanna
Play the Song of Trixion
- Entrust Beatrice with the Ark
- Talk to Azena in Sunkeep
- Talk to NPC Azena
- Listen to Azena's promise by the window in Sunkeep
- Interact with object OBJECT #11127
Together with Azena, I protected the Ark and Elzowin against Brelshaza.
The Ark, which has been laying dormant in Elzowin, is now entrusted to the Lightbringer with Sidereal Azena's approval.
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TemporarilyDead 19-03-2022 16:47
To be clear: The "Ratik" quest is where you give Rohendel's Ark, named Ratik, to Beatrice in Trixion. You get this quest after completing the quest line for the queen Azena in Rohendel. Basically, you need to do the world quest line to completion, and the Rohendel portion start with "A New Voyage."

There is no chance you miss this quest, it is linear and requires world quest completion. Should be apparent once you get to Rohendel.

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