ID: 101191
Holy Talisman

Max stack count: 999
Cannot Dismantle
Restricted Area: Only 3
Randomly removes 1 debuff from nearby
party members.
[Craft - Stern] Vanessa
[Craft - Harbor City Changchun] Abandonment
[Craft - Luteran Castle] Marisa
[Craft - Rania Village] Lisan
[Craft - Bern Castle] Telardis
[Craft - Queen's Garden] Selven
[Craft - The Ruins Of Genail] Reedan
[Craft - Isendelf] Anara
[Craft - Isendelf] Alker
[Craft - Kallazar] Domingo
[Craft - Kallazar] Bora
[Craft - Cliff of shadows] Urian
[The package] Return of boom bling

Buy price: 10
Sell price: 1
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ID   Title Cost Materials Products
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