ID: 7060080
History Is Alive
icon Achievement
Adventure > Island: Sea of Procyon

Discover History of Twinkles
Discover History of Hard Clamshells
( - OBJECT #510953)
Discover History of Golden Metal Chunks
( - OBJECT #510954)
Discover History of Worn Glass Pieces
( - OBJECT #510955)
Completion Bonus:
- Roster XP
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Mystmare 10-03-2022 01:41
Items for this achievement are not in those spots or are not in the game in the eu/na version. (or I'm a complete idiot)
PS: I have completed the 5-day quest if that matters.
Kiriak 10-03-2022 13:20
Checked the client's data for this achievement. Looks like you have to have a Hard Clam Shell in your possession in order to interact with the statue.
Faendryl 14-03-2022 03:47
Confirming the item has to be on you; it can't just be in your storage.
Kiriak 14-03-2022 15:14
Thanks for the confirmation!
Khalu 12-03-2022 19:33
I cant interact with ( - OBJECT #510953) maybe bugged.
Kiriak 12-03-2022 20:24
Do you have the Hard Clam Shell?
Khalu 20-03-2022 17:38
but i went back with Hard Clam Shell and its worked, thanks.
Moonzoom 19-03-2022 21:21
So yeah you need to have Hard Clam Shell, Worn Glass Pieces and Golden Metal Chunks in your inventory (not storage) to be able to interact with each of the points. Just tested with having Golden Metal in my storage, nothing happened, got it out and it worked.
Pyromancer 14-05-2022 10:57
The items you need for this drop from the Tookis on Tooki Island.

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