Site news
31-03-2020: - Added the "Sylian's Command" section.
- Added the Korean version of the site based on the latest Korean client.

25-03-2020: - Site updated to the latest version of the game.

22-03-2020: - Added additional columns with gear score and base stats to the equipment lists.
- Added the display of required polish materials to the equipment pages.

20-03-2020: - Added the "Itemsets" submenu into the "Items" menu.
- Added the display of possible set effects and rune slots to the equipment pages.

01-03-2020: - Added "Weekly" and "Daily" subsections into the "Quests" menu.
- Added missing rewards and conditions to the pages of weekly and daily quests.
- Added "Music" section.
- Added "Seals" section.

29-02-2020: - Added the "Card Skills" section.
- Added the "Items->Runes" section.
- Added display of the rune stats.
- Site updated to the latest version of the game.

23-01-2020: - Site updated to the latest version of the game.

08-01-2020: - Added lists of reputation dialogs to the pages of reputaion NPCs.
- Added the "Conditions" column to the quest lists.

03-01-2020: - Added "Pets" and "Affinity" sections.
In the "Pets" section you can see all available pets. Pet pages have full lists of possible pet skills and effects.
Affinity section shows full list of NPCs which could be befriended, with rewards and friendship conditions.
NPC pages now show lists of acceptable gifts with gift conditions and amount of friendship points.
Pages of giftable items now have lists of NPCs, which accept this item as a gift, and amount of friendship points it will generate. Same item can give different amount of friendship points depending on the NPC.

13-12-2019: - Added English version of the site. It's based on the widly used by international community fan translation for the Russian version of the game.

27-10-2019: - Site launch.
Hello, guys and welcome to the LostArk Codex - a database site for the English version of LostArk! Here you'll find all kinds of information about the game's items, quests, npcs, skills, trophies and other useful stuff.
The site is currently in the very beginning of the development. Expect to see more content added weekly!
If you have any suggestions or bug reports, feel free to post them at the site's forum or write me a message in the discord (Kiriak#5590).