ID: 805004
The Wrath of Thirain
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Medrick Monastery

Previous quest in the chain:
- The Warrior Priests of Medrick
Prerequisite for quests:
- [Guide] Master Forager
- [Guide] Hunting: On the Trail
- Helping Freyad Village
- Talk to Thirain
- Talk to NPC Thirain
- Speak with Chief Barchan
- Talk to NPC Barchan
- Relay Barchan's story to Thirain
- Talk to NPC Thirain
Find a way to help Freyad Village
- Defeat Dustpocket Brigands (0/5)
- Reassure the villagers (0/3)
- Report to Thirain
- Talk to NPC Thirain
Having arrived at Freyad Village, Thirain was distressed by how much the villagers were suffering at the hands of the regent's forces.
I should ask Chief Barchan about the exact state of the village and convey his report to Thirain.
Thirain is already thinking of ways to help the village.
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