ID: 705124
Rain, Stars, Wind
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Port City Changhun

Required quests:
- Prove My Worth
- Go to the Changhun Inn
- Talk to NPC Wonpho
- Talk to Manpo in the kitchen
- Talk to NPC Manpo
- Eat a cooked dumpling
- Interact with object OBJECT #71061
- Look for Onehand in the Arena
- Talk to NPC Onehand
- Win the Battle of the Lions
- Talk to Onehand
- Talk to NPC Onehand
- Look for Gumga at the dock
- Talk to NPC Gumga
- Gumga
- Talk to Gumga
- Talk to NPC Gumga
- Look for Gildal at the Changhun Inn
- Talk to NPC Ohun
- Look for Gildal at Sir Druden's temple in Melody Forest
- Talk to NPC Gildal
- Deliver the jar of liquor to Sir Druden
- Talk to Sir Druden
- Talk to NPC Sir Druden
- Talk to Sir Valleylead
- Talk to NPC Sir Valleylead
- Talk to Hodon at the Jeok Clan Training Grounds
- Talk to NPC Hodon
Start NPC:
Hari, my first opponent in the Tournament, has come to see me. She says she has watched me during the Tournament and is asking me to visit her salon.
She also suggests that I meet my other opponents in Changhun.
- Roster XP
- Lion Mask
- Silver
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