ID: 6003054
Blue-Blazing Blade
icon Quest
Level: 1
Roster Quest
Zone: Whispering Islet

Required quests:
- The Island Sidereal
Prerequisite for quests:
- Into the Chaos
- The Infinite Darkness
- Peering Into Chaos
- Tears of a Bird
- Talk to Kadan
- Talk to NPC Kadan
- Protect Isteri Village
- Talk to Kadan
- Talk to NPC Kadan
- Wait for Kadan to open his mouth
- Interact with object OBJECT #512471
- As he finally begins speaking, listen to Kadan's story
- Talk to NPC Kadan
- Check on the survivors
- Interact with object OBJECT #512472
- Talk to a surviving young man from the village
- Talk to NPC Isteri Resident
- Check to see if there are more survivors
- Interact with object OBJECT #512473
- Check to see if there are more survivors
- Interact with object OBJECT #512474
- Head towards the sound
- Interact with object OBJECT #512475
- Clear the debris from the destroyed storage area
- Interact with object OBJECT #512476
- Talk to Cindy's mom
- Talk to NPC Cindy's Mom
- Talk to Cindy
- Talk to NPC Cindy
- Talk to Kadan
- Talk to NPC Kadan
Say goodbye for now
- Cindy
- Go to the dock
- Interact with object OBJECT #512477
- Travel to Whispering Islet
- Talk to Shandi
- Talk to NPC Shandi
- Talk to Nineveh
- Talk to NPC Nineveh
Start NPC:
He is a watcher and a protector who wanders the world using an enigmatic pseudonym: Navinos.
He fought desperately to protect the world, but his deeds have long passed into legend. The swordfighter who lived his life as a burning blue flame is now staying on a small island near South Vern. The protector instinct still lives within him. But what is he protecting now? The buildings, wonders of nature, and people he used to protect have crumbled into dust.
What does he live for now?
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Bubba_n_stix 1-04-2022 22:56
Bonjour le pnj Nineveh n apparait pas sur l ile aux murmure , c est normal ? Une fois avoir parler a Shandi ... plus rien
Pyrothess 2-04-2022 03:27
Salut, tu as surement uine quete de rapport avec elle. C,est pour cette raison que tu ne l'as pas.
Bubba_n_stix 2-04-2022 16:52
Ah merci de ta reponse rapide, c est effectivement ca je n y avais pas du tout pensé, un grand merci !!
Spleen 18-04-2022 10:31
Hello, ça fait 3 semaines que j'ai le même soucis. Comment ça une quête de rapport? Je ne sais même pas ou la trouver xD
J'en suis à la quête de la Lame de la flamme bleue et elle n'apparait pas sur l'^le aux murmures.
Andrezve 15-11-2023 01:11
Bug with Affinity quest, just abandon your quest and appear at the location.

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