ID: 5042902
Secrets of the Temple of Arctus
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Medeia
Preparation time: 3m
Completion time: 12m
Repeat: 16m 40s

Sirionitis can only be melted with Arctus mirrors ( ).
- To melt sirionite crystal (0/1300)
- To melt sirionite crystal (0/1300)
“Many years ago in the middle of the Arctic Ocean there was an island on which stood a beautiful snow-white temple dedicated to Arktus. Its terraces were open to all winds and the sun, and carved walls were decorated with wonderful transparent blue gems - sirionites, the deposits of which were covered all of Medea. " Centuries have passed since then, and Medea plunged into the abyss of waters. Only occasionally does it rise to the surface in order to hide again in the icy depths after a quarter of an hour. Do you have enough of this short time to unravel the mystery of her treasures?
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