ID: 5010901
Countless treasures
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Treasure Island
Preparation time: 3m
Completion time: 15m
Repeat: 28m 20s

- To get "hidden treasures" smelling (0/100)
- Hide "hidden treasures" in the chest
The old man Santiago is the only rational resident of a small quiet island. He hoped that in his old age he would hide here from the bustle of a fishing town where he had lived most of his life, but, alas, his dreams were not destined to come true: the island was inhabited by sniffers - long-nosed nimble creatures, who were fond of everything brilliant! Their thirst for "treasures" is truly unquenchable, and their king, Dookie, will give odds to the most greedy rulers of Acrasia.
- 6,900~11,500
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