ID: 5009902
Operation: Cannonball and harpoons
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Volare Island
Preparation time: 10s
Completion time: 10m

Search core and harpoon, climb the cannon
- Destruction of the poisonous crocodile bombing (0/2)
- Destruction of a small crocodile bombing (0/100)
To eliminate a poisonous crocodile, you need to prepare on two points. First, destroy the clowns and pick up the cannonballs. Secondly, you need to get harpoons. Black Steel Harpoons can be obtained from clowns or around the tent. It is necessary to bypass the outer wall of the island, collecting cannonballs and harpoons. Then you can easily eliminate the poisonous crocodile by arranging a bombardment from a cannon.
- 19~575
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