ID: 4530112
[Guide] Fishing: Dropping a Line
icon Quest
Level: 1
Roster Quest
Zone: Lakebar

Required quests:
- Crown of Lakebar
Prerequisite for quests:
- [Guide] Master Forager
- [Guide] Hunting: On the Trail
- Talk to Celine
- Talk to NPC Celine
Lakebar in West Luterra
- Equip a Fishing tool
Purchase from the Trade Skill Tool Merchant
- Catch fish through Float Fishing (0/3)
Start NPC:
I need to find a fishing spot and try out some fishing.
Once I arrive at the fishing spot, I need to equip a Fishing tool and use Float Fishing to cast my fishing pole.
The key is using Float Fishing again at just the right moment, before the fish gets away.
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