ID: 4530111
[Guide] Mining, Using a Pickaxe
icon Quest
Level: 1
Roster Quest
Zone: Lakebar

Required quests:
- Crown of Lakebar
Prerequisite for quests:
- [Guide] Master Forager
- [Guide] Hunting: On the Trail
Lakebar in West Luterra
- Talk to Master of Trade Skills Awella
- Talk to NPC Awella
Purchase from the Trade Skill Tool Merchant
- Equip a Mining tool
Where ores are located
- Click or use for the Pickaxe (0/5)
Start NPC:
"When the moonlight shines over the crown, the sound of pickaxes drives the night out." Awella taught me an old Lakebar song and asked me to join her mining work.
I should speak to Awella in Lakebar in West Luterra to learn mining, and look for a place with ore to mine myself.
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