ID: 410601
Frozen Memories
icon Quest
Una's Tasks - Daily
Level: 1
Zone: Icewing Heights

Required quests:
- Wandering Memories
Help Alkke's research
- Collect memories of the ghosts on the Icewing Heights (0/100)
Player, I don't know if you remember me, but I have remained at Icewing Heights to continue my studies into the Spirits of the Void. You know, the living armor we met.
Could you collect memory fragments from the Ghost Moun for me?

- Archaeologist Alkke

- Roster XP
- Reputation Points
- Star's Breath (Bound) (gs 0 ~ 499)
- Star's Breath (Bound) (gs 500+)
- Solar Grace (Bound) (gs 1250+)
- Minor Combat XP Potion (gs 0 ~ 499)
- Minor Combat XP Potion (gs 500+)
- Minor Combat XP Potion (gs 1250+)
Reputation Status:

Frozen Memories

A Luterran nobleman is on Icewing Heights, studying the amnesiac ghosts there. This icy cliff in the northern area is very dangerous.
Could you go to the frozen cliff on the Shushire continent and support Archaeologist Alkke?

- Guildmaster Gideon of Ignea, the Adventurer's Guild

Alkke's Research Assistant (Points: 30)
Amnesiac Ghost
I've encountered a ghost with no memories of its past on the notoriously dangerous Icewing Heights. Is it of a Shushire fighter? Can I learn about its past if I collect its memories scattered around the Icewing Heights?

- Alkke's Research Journal: Icewing Heights

Alkke's Research Supporter (Points: 40)
Fragments of Memories
I've studied the ghosts while collecting the fragments of their memories. These wandering ghosts are obsessed with their scattered past, as if trying to find what they left behind when they were alive. It would be worth noting that the ghosts are driven not by materials such as flesh and bones, but by treasures of the mind: memories.

Alkke's Research Journal: Icewing Heights

Alkke's Research Colleague (Points: 80)
Frozen Memories
The Icewing Heights are always cold and steep. It's so cold that perhaps even immaterial memories turn into frozen icicles. If it was warm, the ghosts might have melted and resumed the cycle of life and death. But everything on this cliff gets frozen and halted. So the ghosts continue to roam about it, not knowing where to go next.

- Alkke's Research Journal: Icewing Heights

Reputation 1 Level Reward

Reputation 2 Level Reward

Reputation 3 Level Reward
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