ID: 410402
In the kingdom of mirrors
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Labyrinth of Mirrors

- Seal fel demons (0/11)
- Go in pursuit of Illiacan
- Pass the following Illyakan
- Search another way
Search another way
- To beat guardian of the maze
- Search another way
- Step into the passage
- Explore the depths of the maze
- Seal fel demons (0/67)
- Open secret passage in the wall
- Step into the passage
- Explore new moves in the maze
- To win Bone Breaker of Cardos
- Seal fel demons (0/56)
- Catch up Illiacan
- To overcome Illiacan
- Collect new part of the Ark
- Talk to Ferocious Nax
- Talk to High Priest Xian
There are no paths or landmarks in the Mirror Maze. Sounds here are distorted and extinguished, reflections are repeated hundreds of times, and a monster can hide behind any turn. It will not be easy to reach the center of the labyrinth in time to keep the demon Illyakan from escaping..
- Enhanced Healing Potion
- Silver
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