ID: 408402
Gold on blood
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Baeddan's Hideout

- Find Barden
- Crack down on guard (0/36)
- Copy other halls
- Crack down on guard (0/32)
- To get in security hall
- To beat guard commander
- Crack down on guards (0/10)
- Open iron doors
- Crack down on guard (0/26)
- Search slave dungeon
- To win jailer
- Rescue captives
- Continue Barden's search
- Crack down on guard (0/49)
- Open the door
- To beat Barden
- Catch up Barden
- To beat Demon Ur'Bach
Marble walls, gilded frames, chairs upholstered in velvet - Barden's estate really has something to see. The main thing is not to think about how much someone else's blood he shed for this luxury.
- Silver
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