ID: 407401
Secret path
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Red Curtain Arena

Get to the arena
- Search camouflage clothing
Get to the arena
- Distract the guards
Get to the arena
- Leave arsenal
- Search way to distract guards
Overhear a quarrel fighters
- Talk to Strong Largo
- Talk to Braggart Crixus
Provoke fighters
- [To choose] Push Largo
- [To choose] Push Crix
Wait for the arrival guardians
- Hide in the crowd
- To meet with Gabel in the trading floor
- Follow up Gabel
- Hide among the audience
- Steal gate key
- Come back to Gabel
- Make your way to the arena
With all of Barden's attention focused on the Ferocious Nax, the Unbroken seek out ways to infiltrate the arena. Your path is one of the most dangerous, because the warehouse is full of guards and bloodhounds. Do not fall into their clutches, otherwise the coup will fail, barely having time to begin.
- Silver
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