ID: 406009
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Island of sunflowers

Required quests:
- Honorary award
- Give alms street artist
- Talk to Riven
- To put chest to the platform
- Open chest
- Talk to Riven
Show the picture to the gathered audience
- Listen to young merchant
- Listen to experienced trader
Show the picture to the gathered audience
- Talk to street artist
Track down Alphonse Vedice
- To visit Island of sunflowers
Start NPC:
Street artist
You have decided to get rid of the chest from Barden's treasury: his bloody riches do not please you so much. The Unbroken told you that in this case, you can arrange an auction right in one of the nooks of the Frozen Harbor.
- Legacy Points
- Superior Recovery Potion (Bound)
- Silver
- Feather of Resurrection
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