ID: 4010903
I curse your name for centuries
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: "Givena Celesta"
Completion time: 20m
Repeat: 30m

- To win melody of the nightmares of Nazarick
- To win ghosts team (0/44)
"Givena Celesta." The flagship of the fleet of Admiral Van Drecken, a cruel man who served in Sheakria during the time of Termer the Third. Van Drecken was bloodthirsty and cruel to both enemies and his people, and brought these misfortunes to the entire fleet. The priests of the temple, robbed by Drekken, before the death cursed the robbers, promising them to sail across Acrasia until the end of time. Since then, the seas are plowed by terrible ghost ships, with a crew that hasn’t found peace even after death, and the “Given Celest” is the largest of them, and the admiral himself is at his helm.
- 16~492
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