ID: 307003
Ominous precursor
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Cracked Ground

Previous quest in the chain:
- To the hover board test ground
Power control station
- Talk to the captain Heinz
- Talk to the corporal Ernst
Power Control Center
- Search Dr. Siebel
- Talk to Bergom
Broken Hills is a radioactive wasteland that begins just outside the walls of Stern. Once there was the city of the mechanists of the same name, but as a result of the Great Catastrophe, only ruins remained of it. Scientists have managed to rebuild the Broken Hills reactor, and now it supplies energy to Stern, Nobelgate and Ridgehorn. The magistrate sent you to this facility as a coordinator who will inspect the station, detect a "problem" and order the power to be turned off at Ridgehorn, where Project Genesis is located.
- Exp
- Legacy Points
- Deck of Fallen Ambition
- Harp of fallen ambition
- Gauntlets of Fallen Ambition
- Two-handed sword of fallen ambitions
- Sword of Fallen Ambition
- Rifle of fallen ambitions
- Khaladi of Fallen Ambition
- Hammer of Fallen Ambition
- Shotgun of Fallen Ambition
- Amulet of Fallen Ambition
- Bow of Fallen Ambition
- Blade of Fallen Ambition
- Heavy Gauntlets of Fallen Ambition
- Spear of Fallen Ambition
- Dagger of Fallen Ambition
- Fallen Ambition submachine gun
- Staff of Fallen Ambitions
- The peak of fallen ambitions
- Silver
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