ID: 209001
From the snake's tail
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Agilos' Tail

Inspect the cave
- Eliminate beak-headed salamanders (0/28)
- Seal sporangia (0/7)
- Make your way deep into the Tail of Agilisk
- Destroy ripe sporangia (0/10)
- Destroy the swarm plague flies (0/36)
- Pass the on a broken road
- Seal plague colossus
- Destroy those blocking the path plague colossus (0/32)
- Seal demons (0/66)
- Go to the very depths caves
- To beat Har'jala
- Collect Agilisk's poison
If the poison of Agilisk remains somewhere, it is in the tail of the Fetranian serpent. His tail, according to the records of the chroniclers, ended with a huge sting. You will have to go to the very end, delve into gloomy, dark caves to find a deadly and at the same time healing poison.
- Common Healing Potion
- Silver
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