ID: 203003
Slab tracking
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Log Hill

Previous quest in the chain:
- Old Chapel
Notify the Silent Hills Guards of the Rogues
- Ask guard Miguel where the slab might be.
- Activate Leonhold tract portal
Check with by card, determine the location of the task, and then activate portal
- Get supplies from warehouse manager Delen in Leonhart.
Check with by card and choose portal on the Leonhold tract
- Deliver supplies to guard Miguel in Log Hill
- Find clues among bandit leader Kugo's personal belongings
- Show the burglar order to guard Miguel
- Ask mason Khan about the slab.
The gods see, it's time for Ruden to accept a whole gang of thugs into the society of the Seekers. They are looking for the "beech stove" - as are the Leonhold dreamers tapping the censer in search of the missing fragment of the Shattered Chronicle. But if the Seekers are romantics, fascinated by antiquity and legends about the heroes of the Esdo, then the thugs, apparently, do not know any legends..
- Exp
- Legacy Points
- Seasoned Marauder deck
- Harp of the seasoned marauder
- Seasoned Marauder's Gauntlets
- Seasoned Marauder's Two-Handed Sword
- Blades of the Seasoned Tomb Raider
- Seasoned Marauder Rifle
- Khaladi of the seasoned tomb raider
- Seasoned Marauder's Hammer
- Seasoned Marauder Shotgun
- Amulet of the experienced Marauder
- Seasoned Marauder's Bow
- Seasoned Marauder's Blade
- Heavy Gauntlets of the Seasoned Marauder
- Spear of the experienced Marauder
- Veteran Tomb Raider Dagger
- Veteran Tomb Raider Submachine Gun
- Staff of the Seasoned Marauder
- The peak of an experienced marauder
- Silver
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