ID: 1352402
Ashes of the Past
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Crucible of Souls

Previous quest in the chain:
- Crucible of Souls
- Get to Ash Chamber
- Use lever arm
Get to the First Forge
- Defeat basalt guardians (0/17)
- Enter Ash Halls
Get to the First Forge
- Go through Ash Halls
Get to the First Forge
- Crack down on hordes of enemies (0/49)
Get to the First Forge
- Go further on Ash Halls
Help troin
- To dispel ghosts of the past (0/3)
Vakhantura was dragged away by the Fetranian Wirm, so Troin and Groin will show you the path to the First Forge. Once they have already passed through it, and we remember what this led to. Who knows what the return to the Crucible of Souls will turn out for the brothers?..
- Silver
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