ID: 1311401
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Trading schooner "Gyöfur"

Find out what happened on the ship
- Pass the in the dark hold
- Copy body
- Inspect one more body
- Open locked door
- Go to hold
- Search and to light a candle
Inspect the hold
- Copy body
Look into the past
- Find out what happened in hold
Hide from obsession
- Get to the ship the dining room
- Viewpoint in the ship's dining room
- Find and light candles
Look into the past
- Find out what happened in the dining room
- Search shelter in the galley
- Hide behind barrels
Usually on merchant ships, noise and din. The decks are crammed with sailors and businessmen who, even on the high seas, are trying to make a profitable deal with an occasional fellow traveler. But on the schooner Gyöfur, everything is different. On board is a frightening silence. The mooring man Adrik swears that he saw neither sailors nor passengers, but he saw something else - a hunchbacked monster in rags, which clutched a bloodied sword in his hands. Perhaps Adrik dreamed. There is only one way to find out the truth - look into the past.
- Silver
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