ID: 1301314
Battle of dancers
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Isendelf

Required quests:
- Treacherous ale
Go to the club "Avenue"
- Cross the Veil of Proteus
- Swim to Avenue Club
- Track down Madame Deirdre
- To cheer Weimar
- To greet viewers
- To ask Madame Deirdre open the final of the competition
- Go out on club scene
Thank the audience
- [Option 1] Execute another /dance
- Use emotion: - Dance
- [Option 2] Send a kiss to the audience ( /flirt )
- Use emotion: - Cutesy
- [Option 3] Wave to the audience ( /Hi )
- Use emotion: - Greet
- [Option 4] Rejoice with the audience ( /Hooray )
- Use emotion: - Cheer
- Search voting machine
- Talk to Madame Deidroy
- Discover Voting results
- Discover Voting results
- Talk to Weimar
- Talk to Madame Deidroy
- Talk to Hermes
- Submit offer Madame Deidre
- Reject an offer Hermes
Return to Yon
- Glacier watersGo to
Isendelf, Golden Pint Pub
- Talk to Madame Deidroy
- Drink from small barrel
- To attach to a larger barrel
Start NPC:
Madame Deirdre
Finally! The first and only tour, that is, the grand finale of the dance competition, will take place today. True, to take part in it, you will have to sail more than one hundred miles.
If you cannot find one of the characters, complete the other quests from your journal. Maybe the one you need is now in a different place.
If the desired character is missing, check the status of his task.

- Legacy Points
- Reputation Points
- Silver
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