ID: 1301312
On the road to fame
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Isendelf

Required quests:
- Worries day
- Admit that you are better at holding in battle than on stage ( /shame )
- Use emotion: - Shy
- Show Madame Deidre your best /dance
- Use emotion: - Dance
- Hear words of support from Madame Deidre
Speak to passers-by
- play /dance
- Use emotion: - Dance
Speak to passers-by
- Show another dance /hala hala
- Use emotion: - Hala hala
Speak to passers-by
- Dance in Umar ( /dumb )
- Use emotion: - Umarca
- Talk to stinging outcast
- Dance funny dance /hala hala
- Use emotion: - Hala hala
- Dance incendiary dumbness ( /dumb )
- Use emotion: - Umarca
- Listen to Weimar
Start NPC:
Madame Deirdre
An artist who is not confident in his own abilities will never succeed. So, you urgently need to find a way to believe in yourself - after all, there are only a couple of days left before the dance competition!
If you cannot find one of the characters, complete the other quests from your journal. Maybe the one you need is now in a different place.
If the desired character is missing, check the status of his task.

- Legacy Points
- Reputation Points
- Silver
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