ID: 1109902
Festival of Light
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Bern Castle
Preparation time: 1m 30s
Completion time: 10m

- Together /Cheer (0/50)
- Use emotion: - Cheer
The Bern College of Mages, under the patronage of Queen Eadallin herself, has been successfully comprehending the secrets of magical knowledge for many centuries. The Queen believes that magic should benefit all residents of the city, and not be a toy for armchair wizards. Following her instructions, representatives of Bern's colleague try to make their work as open as possible. They travel the world, host guests from different countries, organize magic conferences and, of course, put the achievements of magical progress at the service of the inhabitants of the capital. The collegium does not forget about the leisure of the townspeople. Colorful performances are regularly held on the streets of Bern, during which the citizens of Eadallin and guests of the city can see all the colors of magic. This tradition has been going on for many years, but it is carefully observed to this day. Therefore, having visited Bern, you must definitely visit at least one such performance.
- Cornelian
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