ID: 1108402
Death-eroded space
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Ancient Ruin of Elberia

Required quests:
- Death-eroded space
Zygmunt Tracking
- Strip Off ritual (0/30)
Zygmunt Tracking
- Seal minions of Morgred (0/11)
Zygmunt Tracking
- Search vehicle
Zygmunt Tracking
- Search magic source
Sigmund's men
- Break through to altar (0/60)
- Hinder Morgred
- Destroy the weakened Garrum
- To win Morgred
You have decided to disrupt the ritual of Morgred's minions. Garrum will not gain all his power, but you will have to experience the rage of the necromancers, and then go to battle with their master.
- Silver
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