ID: 1106006
Tyrone Fortress Battle
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Balankar Mountain Range

Required quests:
- Into a fortress
Previous quest in the chain:
- Into a fortress
A ruined village
- Destroy enemies on the approaches to fortresses (0/10)
- Search survivors
- Talk to any of the survivors
- Talk to Lighthouse lucian
Activate the magic crystal on the tower.
- Go deep fortresses
Activate the magic crystal on the tower.
- To destroy resurrecting stone
- Seal necromancers and their minions (0/6)
Activate the magic crystal on the tower.
- Activate first crystal
- Activate second crystal
- Activate third crystal
- Climb the fortess wall
Lighthouse operation
- Attributed charged energy stone
You managed to learn how to activate the magic crystal, which is located on one of the towers. To do this will indeed be difficult. First of all, because the real army of the dead will be on your way.
- Legacy Points
- Superior Recovery Potion (Bound)
- Silver
- Emerald Shard
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