ID: 1105401
A town that has suffered madness
icon Quest
Level: 1
Zone: Goblin Village

- Talk to Stisom
- Untie raft
- Enter the village
- Seal mad goblins (0/16)
- Move deeper villages
- help unconscious goblins (0/3)
- To destroy blockage on the road
- Talk with a frightened goblin
- Store Crop bucket with water and put out the fire (0/2)
- Seal mad goblins (0/40)
- Move deeper villages
- Search survivors
A source of frenzy
- To win Krushagyra
A source of frenzy
- Seal sprouts of filth
- Talk to Elder Edith
Something tells you that you will regret your decision to go to the goblin village more than once. But once we got into a fight, we must go to the end.
- Silver
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