ID: 99067
Soft Construct Fragment
Quest items

Max stack count: 1
Binds when obtained
Cannot be dismantled
Limited to 1 uses in certain areas
A soft construct fragment. There is something solid inside it. Can it be something useful?
Starts quests:
- The Magick Grimoire
Buy price: 1,000
Sell price: 1
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Speakeazy 28-02-2022 21:45
If you're farming for this item for a while and it's not dropping, you may have already completed this step. Check your Quest Journal for "The Magick Grimoire".

I'll use this as a PSA. The quest steps to unlock the "Tower of Thanks" quest do not need to be done in order and you could have already completed some part of it in the past. If you get stuck make sure to check your quest journal for completion to avoid wasting your time.
DonCafe 5-03-2022 14:06
Made an account just to thank you, I was going insane.
Hudon 13-03-2022 11:29
Thank you.... i was farming for close to 2 hours listening to music and watching shows and wasn't getting anything.
Swars 19-03-2022 22:40
Bro, made an account just to say thank you as well!

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