ID: 920913
Magick Snail

Max stack count: 999
Bound to Roster on Pickup
Cannot be dismantled
A magick snail that inhabits different areas in Elzowin's Shade.
A key ingredient in Snail Roll Cake.
[Search - Elzowin's Shade] Commonly found in clumps of grass

Buy price: 10
Sell price: 1
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If some marker on the map is located outside of the level bounds (on the white background), it usually means that's there is some hidden route to it.
If some obstacle is blocking your way to the marker, try to kill some mobs in that area. This could remove the obstacle or open another way to the marker.
Some objects are located inside the building/caves. They have a special note in the popup tooltip of the marker (click on the marker to see the tooltip).
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Darmok 27-03-2022 19:39
Looks like you need a total of 200 of these - 100 to craft the Albino Snail, and then another 100 to put with the Albino Snail as part of the snail roll cake. Gonna be here a long time, as most of these pickups are a single snail.
cncDAni2 22-06-2022 23:28
Looks the spawn times are totally random. Measured 6:30, then 8:00, but sometimes it respawn under 3 minutes

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