ID: 920809
Ripe Banana

Max stack count: 999
Bound to Roster on Pickup
Cannot be dismantled
Well ripened banana. Sweet scent touches your nose.
Key ingredient of Roasted Banana Powder.
[Tikatika Colony - Anxious Orangutan Captain]

Buy price: 10
Sell price: 1
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LugggNuttt 14-05-2022 17:09
Does anyone know the drop rate for this? I've been grinding for thirty minutes and still haven't gotten a single banana.
Pyromancer 14-05-2022 20:15
Make sure you're killing the correct ones, as there are similar gorillas that don't drop it:

Best place to farm is to go up and down on the spawns to the right.
As for the drop rate, it's just heavy RNG, for example I got about 17 bananas in the time it took my guildmate to get 7, when we farmed together for about 60-75 minutes.
Kiriak 14-05-2022 20:32
Note that you can always see the spawn locations of the related mobs using the data on this page: Dropped by NPC tab - Click NPC name and see it's locations.
Pyromancer 14-05-2022 20:40
Didn't even notice the Dropped by NPC tab, that's good to know, thanks!

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