ID: 6811705
Master Excavating Tool

Max stack count: 1
Bound to Roster on Pickup
Cannot be dismantled

Durability 100
Combat Stats
Grants 2 random Combat Stats.
A priceless Excavating Tool that helps its user master Excavating skills.
Possible effects:
Gathering Speed 6.25~12.5%
Normal Material Acquisition Probability 25~50%
Rare Material Acquisition Probability 25~50%
Special Material Acquisition Probability 2.5~5%
Durability Nonreduction Probability 12.5~25%
Minigame difficulty decreased by 0.01~0.03
Minigame Reward Acquisition Probability 25~50%
Gain Super Armor when Digging (Push Immunity)

[Stronghold - Workshop]

Buy price: 10,000
Sell price: 1
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