Hello guys! As you may notice, recently my site got sponsored by the Exitlag. Big thanks to these guys!
They also asked me to write a review of their software, so here are my personal thoughts on it.

The Exitlag is a ping reducer/VPN like software, which helps you to play IP blocked online games and optimizes the packet routing between you and the game servers, which lowers the latency. There are quite a few of similar software available on the market like WTFast or Mudfish, and to be honest I didn't tried any of them before, so I can't compare the Exitlag to them. Instead my review will be based on the overall personal opinion on the software and the services, provided by the guys behind it.

Installation package of the software is quite small (10Mb), installed without any problems on my PC and required a reboot in order to function properly. Exitlag offers a fully functional 3 days trial period. To use the software you need to register an account on their site. The registration process is quite simple and straightforward. All you need to do is to provide a working email and password for your account. Account confirmation email arrived quickly and I was ready to go in as minute.

The interface is simple and quite intuitive with a minimum of settings. At the moment of writing this review Exitlag supports 188 games, 3 voice communication programs (Discord, Skype and Team Speak) as well as popular browsers and game launchers.


To play your favorite IP blocked game all you have to do is to select it from the list on the left and then select a server you wish to play on from the drop down list. Then Exitlag analyzes all possible routes and selects the fastest ones. Hit the red "Apply Routes" button and you are ready to play.

Now you can just run your game normally as it required by the game. All traffic will be automatically routed trough the Exitlag.

I've tried it on several IP locked Korean, Japanese and US games, all of them worked without any problems, including those, which have to be launched trough the web browsers. I was also able to update the game clients of the IP blocked games trough the Exitlag as well, since there are no traffic limits by the software.

Seeing that the VPN side of the software worked ok for me, I decided to test the actual ping reducing feature. As test subject I've chose the Aion US, which always gave me quite large ping values from my location at Moscow Russia ranging from 150 to 800ms. After running the game trough the Exitlag the ping became much more stable and reduced to 150-160ms, which was a nice change, although I've kind of hoped that it will go lower than the lowest value without the Exitlag.

- Low price: $6.50 monthly, even less for 90/180 days subscription plans.
- Fully functional 3 days trial period.
- Unlimited traffic.
- Easy to use.
- Wide range of supported games.
- Dedicated Discord support server with friendly and actually useful support guys.

- The lowest value of the ping for the game I was testing could be lower.
- Reboot requirement after the installation of the software.

Overall I was pleased with the simplicity of the software and it's functions. It makes things much simpler for me and really reduces the ping. Another thing, which pleased me is the level of support provided by the guys via their Discord server. When I've asked, if they can add the support for Archeage JP and a few other games, they did it on the same day!

If you are looking for a VPN software to play some Korean MMOs or want to reduce the ping in your current game, try Exitlag. I hope it'll work for you as well as it did for me.